Continuing from the last release, this second EP release from Vancouver’s Knautic draws inspiration from William Gibson’s “Sprawl” trilogy of books. Wherein, two merged facets of a super Artificial Intelligence become too complex for one shared existence. The rastafarians in control of the computer split the A.I. in to four distinct “personalities” to share responsibilities and duties. These take the form of 4 Vodou Gods, or “Loa”.  
This album is named after one facet of that A.I., the loa named “Agwé”, a Posiedon-like god of the sea, and protector of sailors. Hence, the album cover being set at the navigational controls of a spaceship, and the presence of many nautical references throughout. 
The cover design, just as with the first album, draws inspiration from the comic-like album covers done for The Mad Professor, Scientist, The Mighty Diamonds, etc.