JULIET ALPHA INDIA, or J.A.I., or Jai Field; It's just one guy putting in the work.

I was a medic for a couple years where the NATO phonetic alphabet was engrained pretty deeply, so "Juliet Alpha India"  just felt right when it came time to give this design practice of mine a title. 
I love working together with clients to make wildly awesome things. 
I gravitate towards interesting people, and challenging projects, especially if everyone involved sees it as an opportunity to develop, explore, and create together.

To contact me for a quote on your next project, send me an email. contact [at] jaifield [dot] com

• Logo Design & Animation
• Company Identity & Branding
• Copywriting & Content Creation
• Brand Guides / Documentation 

• Web Design & Front-End Development (Wordpress familiar)
• Digital Marketing
• Social Media Scripts, Strategy, & Management
• Social Media Avatars, Backgrounds & Headers
• Motion Graphics
• Broadcast Packages & Lower Third Animations
• Music Videos & Custom Stage Performance Visuals

• Business Cards
• Event Poster & Hand-Bill Design
• Music Release (CD, LP, etc.) & Promotion Design
• Environment / Interior / Retail
• Signage & Physical UX
• Stationary & Corporate Materials
• Corporate Reports & Sales Documents
• Stage / Event / Performance Design
• ARG Design & Scripting
• Book Cover Design

Here's the run down of where I've invested my time so far: 
40-ish Feature films & TV Programs
28 DJs / Producers
3 Major Independent Film Studios
4 Animated Television Shows
2 Wildly Independent Record Labels
2 Community Outreach Services
2 Rock Bands
2 Comic Book Companies 
1 VFX/Animation Studio
1 Legendary International DJ Competition
1 Digital & Transmedia Firm
1 Bullshit start-up headed by an international con-man still on the run from Police
1 Stage, Sound, & FX Company
& a rag-tag group of 20-something misfits who altered the lives of thousands for the better.
[ Oh, and I've both won awards & gained nominations for my work from the awesome people at SXSWi, Cannes Film Festival, Applied Arts Magazine, Adobe Design Achievement Awards, & The Leo Awards. ]
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