Image credit to Z2H Media
Animism: The Gods' Lake is an animated kids' show on APTN in Canada. It pairs modern Urban Fantasy with traditional First Nations' mythology. It focusses on a group of people who's story is woven through the powerful forces surrounding the fictional location of "Gods' Lake", and around a heroine who is tapped to be aemmisary for the unleashed, and sometimes violent, forces of the world. 
For this project, my main role was over-all conceptualizing, generating all assets, working with sound designers and composers, animating the piece(s) surrounding the pilot episode. I also provided support in terms of strategy consultation and graphic design for the accompanying Alternate Reality Game while was played across the continenet by a dedicated group of people.
The pilot episode was nominated for a Leo Award, and was also a finalist at SXSW-I for online motion graphics in 2010.
Opening title credits for APTN TV show pilot "Animism: The Gods' Lake" created for Z2H Media (2010-2011)

Concept, Storyboard, Animation by myself.
Logo Design by Denis Suhopoljac (
Energy animations by Ron Serna (
Original music by Alan Wong-Moon (
Original comic artwork by the respected artists.
Preliminary lookframe for "The Wanderer" style portion
Preliminary lookframe for "The Grower" style portion
Preliminary lookframe for "The Grinder" style portion
Title cards for each chapter of the pilot series. Each one was a simple 2 second fade-in / fade-out, and the words masked out
a fire animation created by Ron Serna for the project.
End Credit slides for each episode. This changed as the series evolved and cast / crew members changed.
Sample portion of the ARG pack sent to media outlets and blogs
Sample of the wooden tokens crafted by a Vancouver Native Artisan, and the business card for the fictional professor (actor) sent to speaking engagements
Blog Post on the Alternate Reality Gaming Network in advance of FanExpo 2010