Visual identity, business cards, resume, and merch designed for Vancouver-based hair stylist Amanda Louise.
She provides services for Television, Film, Fashion, Commercial, Wedding, and Casual clientelle.  That meant that she needed a brand that was able to communicate in all facets of her business, as well as stand apart from the traditional identity created for hair stylists. Genrally the branding leans either towards the monochromatic minimalist high-fashion aesthetic, or towards the underground counter-culture of punk and grunge so prevalent in the Pacific North-West. 
The colour gradient is taken directly from the colour palate generated from a sunset in a clear sky against the North Vancouver mountains which can be seen from her work location. Also, it mirrors her skill as a colour tech delivering fantastic gradient colours to suit any taste. The fonts and the vintage scissors aim to communicate her dedication and afinity for learning all she can from the classical masters of her craft.
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